Affordable Precision – The Emlid RS3

  • Centimeter-accurate RTK GNSS for maximum precision
  • Fast 5-second RTK fix gets you working quickly
  • Tilt compensation for accuracy on any terrain
  • Integrates with Ditch Assist™ for water management
  • Perfect for field mapping, surveying & topography
  • Sets easily as a RTK base station or rover unit
  • Built tough for farm & construction environments
1 x Reach RS3
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x LoRa Radio Antenna
1 x Carry Case


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Product Details

If you're serious about precision agriculture, the Emlid RS3 RTK GNSS receiver is your gateway to unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Whether you're managing water flow, mapping fields, or guiding drones, the RS3 delivers the centimeter-level precision you need.

Precision water management is crucial for optimal crop yields, and the RS3 shines when paired with systems like Ditch Assist™. Its rapid RTK fix and tilt compensation ensure accurate surveys for drainage planning and grading, even on uneven fields. You'll save time and resources by getting water management right the first time.

Agronomists rely on accurate field mapping and soil sampling locations for informed decision-making. The RS3's precision puts the power in your hands. Create detailed maps, precisely locate soil samples, and gain insights that boost crop health and yields.

Farmers seeking a simple, cost-effective way to measure fields or elevations will find the RS3 an ideal companion. Forget about guesswork! Get accurate measurements quickly and easily, saving you time and ensuring informed land-use decisions.

Drone pilots, such as those flying the Mavic M3M multispectral RTK or Phantom 4 drone, will appreciate the RS3's ability to function as a reliable base station. This ensures your drone imagery is precisely geotagged, crucial for creating highly accurate crop maps and analysis.

Remember, for machine control or usage in areas with poor cellular coverage, a Base + Rover setup (purchasing two RS3 units) is necessary. However, for many agronomists and field measurements, a cost-effective alternative is using NTRIP services like CanNet VRS with a SIM card in your RS3 or by hotspotting your phone.


and compact

126 x 126 x 142 mm
950 g


RS3 is waterproof up to a one meter depth. Silicone plugs completely seal and protect all connectors from water and dust.


Industrial battery

The Reach RS3 Li-Ion battery handles high and low temperatures well and over 2000 cycles of charging and discharging while maintaining its original capacity.
Ditch Assist™ compatibility saves time – auto power functions and continuous charging eliminate the need to climb on equipment.

-20 to +65 ºС

We’ve personally tested these units in the depths of Canadian winter, and the extreme heat of Central America, and can vouch for the claims.



The body of the Reach RS3 is made of polycarbonate and coated with elastomer. The combination of these materials makes your Reach RS3 drop resistant and ready for the harshest conditions.