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Proudly In Business Since 2012

About Northern Plains Drainage Systems Ltd

Our Story

A Family Business based in Manitoba, Canada

Our Roots in RTK Surveying and Drainage

Northern Plans was born in 2012 from the combined vision of brothers-in-law Joel Classen and Simon Knutson. Recognizing the need for reliable RTK field surveying and drainage design in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, they set out to provide solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by farmers. Joel’s firsthand experience in farming, coupled with Simon’s expertise in GIS technology, formed a strong foundation for understanding and addressing these needs.

Expanding into Municipal Drainage Solutions

Our reputation for excellence in agricultural land surveying soon opened doors to new opportunities. We ventured into the realm of municipal drainage survey and plotting, developing innovative methods to survey and plot drain profiles. This enabled us to offer high-quality, cost-effective services to municipalities struggling with this complex work. Today, we proudly serve numerous Manitoba municipalities, continuously refining our processes and embracing the latest technologies to ensure optimal results.

Empowering Farmers with Tile Drainage Solutions

Around the same time, we recognized a growing interest in tile drainage among our farm clients. To meet this demand, we became dealers for Soil-Max tile plows. While our initial focus involved taking on local tiling projects, we soon realized our greater impact lay in empowering farms to manage their own drainage needs. We’ve since supplied tile plows to numerous farms across Western Canada, providing ongoing support to ensure the success of their drainage projects.

Pioneering Surface Drainage Machine Control

Identifying a gap in the market for surface drainage solutions, we took the initiative to develop our own technology. In 2016, we launched Ditch Assist, an automated RTK machine control system designed for scrapers, ditchers, and land levelers. Through continuous development and improvement, Ditch Assist has become a global player in ditching and land grading. We’ve also introduced Ditch Assist X, an add-on for excavator and backhoe on-grade guidance, further expanding the capabilities of this innovative system. Today, Ditch Assist is utilized worldwide, supported by a network of dealers throughout the Americas and beyond. We take pride in knowing our technology plays a crucial role in helping farmers maximize their land’s potential and contribute to global food production.

Embracing the Future with Emlid RTK GNSS

Our latest venture involves partnering with Emlid, a leading provider of RTK GNSS solutions. We recognize the need for affordable yet robust and reliable RTK technology, not only for our Ditch Assist and tile plow users but also for the broader agricultural community. As one of the few Canadian dealers specializing in precision agriculture, we are uniquely positioned to offer high-accuracy, cost-effective Emlid RTK GNSS solutions to a diverse range of users, from farmers and agronomists to drone pilots. By providing comprehensive support and expertise, we aim to empower our customers with the tools they need to achieve greater precision and efficiency in their operations.